To use Azoomee on your Netgem SoundBox, you need to link your Azoomee account with your SoundBox. You do this with a TV Access Code that you get from your Azoomee account details online - just follow these instructions.


1) If you are new to Azoomee, first create an Azoomee account (if you already have an account, go to Step 2)

  • Go to
  • Enter your email address and make up a password.
  • In the 'Voucher Code' field, enter SOUNDBOX (all caps).
  • Proceed to enter your payment details.

2) Get your TV Access Code

  • Go to and login with Azoomee account email and password.
  • Select 'TV Access' from the menu on the left.
  • The TV Access Code will be displayed. This code needs to be entered (next step below) on your Netgem SoundBox within two minutes. If you need a new code, just select 'Get New Code'.

3) Enter your TV Access Code

  • On your Netgem SoundBox, use the remote control to enter the TV Access Code.
  • All videos should now be unlocked!
You should not need to enter another TV Access Code again, unless you've done a factory reset on your Netgem SoundBox. If that has happened, just follow Step 2 above.
If you have any problems, please contact