Signing up to Azoomee Video is really easy.

On the Amazon website:

  • Log in to your account
  • Scroll down to find Azoomee and click on any of our shows
  • Click Watch with Azoomee Video and this will start your 7-day free trial to Azoomee Video
  • You will then have access to Azoomee Video on all of your Amazon devices

You can also sign up for Azoomee Video directly from your Amazon Fire Stick.

  • Turn on your television and load up the Amazon Fire Stick
  • Scroll down to Featured Channels and select View All
  • Then scroll down to Kids and Family and select Azoomee Video
  • Select any of our shows and then you have the option to Watch with Azoomee Video 7-day free trial
  • Once you have selected this, your 7-day free trial will begin and you and your family can start enjoying Azoomee Video.